We are preparing many projects that will happen in the Centennial years, 2023-2025! Starting with Brainstorming sessions in the 2018 IPS conference, and at local conferences, we’ve collected more than a hundred project ideas from the Planetarium community. We’ve discussed and evaluated these in an open process, and arrived at a shortlist of projects that we plan to focus on. These „core projects” fall under seven topics: 

  • Exhibitions
  • Key events
  • Press and media relations
  • Printed publications
  • Domecasting series
  • Video/fulldome projects
  • Online projects

We invite all of you to discuss with us about how to best realize the projects under these topics! We’re looking forward to you ideas!
All of these are not the only projects that we hope to realize for the Centennial – they’re just those that we want to focus on now. There’s room for more ideas, especially for projects in your region, or at your local planetarium! Please get in touch!

Take the next steps with us:
Meeting-ID: 977 993 6272

Session Website: Tuesday 10th, 2 pm UTC

Session Local Projects: Monday 16th, 2 pm UTC

Session Marketing: Tuesday 17th, 2 pm UTC